Review 10 years of Environmental Protection and Management Bills (UU 32/ 2009)

October 3, 2009, marks the month of the signing of UU Number 32 Year 2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management (UU 32/2009), as a substitute UU Number 23 of 1997. The drafting of Law 32/2009 was carried out by involving stakeholders which include government officials, people’s representatives, non-governmental organizations, organizations profession, and private sector. Although the laws governing environmental management have existed since 1982 and has been replaced twice, environmental problems remain problematic and worrisome. This event was held to capture the opinions of academics, practitioners and civil society about environmental conditions after 10 years and hopes for the future in implementing UU 32/2009. The speaker of this review are  Prof. Rachmat Witoelar, Prof. Dr. Emil Salim, DR. Sonny Keraf, Prof. Hariadi, Dr. Andri Wibisana, and Prof. Asep Warlan Yusuf.