Government Policy and Natural Resources

At present, various policies on natural resource management often have interests conflicting. For example, land and all natural resources according to the law controlled by the state. But over the past two decades, the land administration system double has emerged where around 39% of the land is under the jurisdiction of the Land Agency (BPN) and 61% is managed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The forest provides many environmental services can be mutually utilized together. Therefore, it is needed comprehensive studies of policies dealing with various fields of resources nature including water, minerals, energy, fisheries and forestry. Research Center for Policy Studies Resources This Natural Power connects various partners to solve problems and find solutions to natural resource and environmental issues. Our researchers are practitioners who are experts in policy planning and implementation and is known to have experience in land policy public, natural resource regulations and laws, land use planning and management cross-border resources. The Study Center will be led by Dr. Idwan Suhardi.