Structural Organization of I-SER is so simple. I-SER is being led by Chairman that will be responsible to Dean of Faculty of Math and Science University of Indonesia (FMIPA UI). As Organization, we are under Unit Kegiatan Khusus (UKK) FMIPA and get supervision from tentative board of governors like Prof. Jeff Sachs (UNSDSN), Arifin Panigoro, and Prof. Dr. Bambang Brodjonegoro.

There is some research center that including in I-SER, like Research Center for Climate Change-UI (RCCC-UI), Center for Biodiversity Studies (CBS), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Center, Center for Sustainable Tourism, Center for Natural Resources Policy Studies, Geothermal Research Center, Research Center for Environmental Disaster, Government Policy and Natural Resources, Watershed Management, Community Landholders Center

Staff structural I-SER is chosen by chairman, whereas we cooperation with associate expert and research associate in research center that include in I-SER to do the research. Associate expert is some expert that can give advice for the research and they can be a researcher too in project I-SER. Research Associate is researcher of member I-SER that from inside or outside FMIPA.