Training “How to Write a Successful Grant Proposal”

High quality human resources become a necessity to ensure successful and sustainable development activities in Indonesia. Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences University of Indonesia (FMIPA UI) aims to have significant roles creating those high quality human resources as well as producing high impact research results. In order to achieve those aims, FMIPA recently established Lembaga Sains Terapan (LST) and Institute for Sustainable Earth Resources (ISER) as the center to manage collaborative research and human resources within and outside FMIPA UI. Grants would then be a crucial to ensure the sustainability and quality of LST human resources and researches. However, LST and ISER are currently still lack of capability to produce high quality grant proposal, especially ones to the international donors. Therefore, a training workshop specially conducted to tackle the lack. The aims of this training workshop are to:
1. Increase the capability of researchers within FMIPA UI to write a successful grant proposal.
2. Increase the chance for researchers within FMIPA UI to receive international grants.

This training has been held on Gedung Laboratorium Riset Multidisplin Pertamina, Meeting Room 2nd Floor, FMIPA Universitas Indonesia, Depok at Tuesday, 30 April 2019 and successful to give more than twenty participants a new knowledge to make better proposal in the future.