Biodiversity, Environmental Change and Land-Use Policy in Sulawesi and Maluku.

This program seeks to explore the biodiversity of the Wallacea region, and deliver the science needed to understand tensions in land-use and the responses of biodiversity to environmental change. This 3-years program is a collaboration between ISER-UI under Prof. Jatna Supriatna and Kent University, UK, which also engage several universities and institutions in UK and in Indonesia such as Queen Mary University of London, Natural History Museum, University of Sheffield, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo, Universitas Sam Ratulangi, dan Universitas Pattimura.  Starting in 2019, this program will make major contributions to the programme by addressing the three key goals, which concern (1) biodiversity and ecosystem responses to change; (2) biodiversity connectivity to inform management; and (3) benefits attached to natural capital assets to inform innovation and business activities. The results of our research will also provide a fitting celebration of Alfred Russell Wallace for UK-Indonesia cultural collaborations.